Kenilworth Assembly Hall West Lawn Project

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We still need your help! We have extended the deadline until Labor Day with the hope of raising more funding for this amazing project!

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Kenilworth Assembly Hall Patio Information Flyer

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Over the last two years, the West Lawn of Assembly Hall has been the center for gathering in our community. With a dry lawn we have been able to host daily programming and special events safely outdoors. We now ask you to imagine how those events and many more can be enhanced with the addition of the Community Patio. It could be a morning coffee stop, a happy hour gathering, an open space to meet friends, or to have meetings safely outdoors. This enhancement will allow us to have an improved space for concerts and community celebrations and enhance our space for rental opportunities for community members and organizations.

We believe we have a unique opportunity to further enhance and preserve Kenilworth Assembly Hall & the Front Walkway at this time.

The highlights of the plan are:

  • Build a 1700 sq ft brick patio on the west side
    of the Hall
  • Restore the front walk to its original likeness
  • Additional storage, new parking spaces, and an ADA
    ramp to the patio on the south side of the building
  • Foundation renovation to ensure the longevity
    of the Assembly Hall

    The site preparation and undertreatments are of vital importance to ensure the longevity of the features. In
    particular the site preparation, foundation work, and concrete under pavements represent a very significant portion of the $1.15 million estimated cost for the project. The Park District has funds that it can dedicate to cover approximately $550,000 from operating profits, ADA funding, and the Margarette L. Storch Beautification Fund, but will need help from the Kenilworth community to make this vision a reality. We are asking the community to match our investment of $600,000.

In 2016, the Kenilworth Park District took over the Kenilworth Assembly Hall with the goal of returning the facility back to the community center it was always intended to be. Fast forward five years, where on any given day you can walk or drive past  Assembly Hall and see it being used by private and community groups regularly. On Mondays, you can witness the community come together for food truck nights and socials. On weekends, music events, children eating ice cream and in the fall, making smores. 

In 2019, the COVID-19 Pandemic changed the world. Outdoor events became the only way people could feel a modicum of safety while visiting with one another. At that time, the Kenilworth Park District decided that instead of focusing on what they couldn’t do, they would focus on what they could do. Outdoor community events and summer camp were all the rave that year. The Park District Board, seeing no end to COVID-19 insight, led a new project to improve the west side of the Kenilworth Assembly Hall with a brick patio, historically restored front brick walkway, ADA accessible ramps and parking, and a storage area for chairs, tables, and garbage receptacles.

Since taking the building over, the District has been dedicated to the historic preservation of the building. They have spent over $600,000 renovating Assembly Hall. A large portion of those funds have been spent solving exterior and interior water retention problems. The west lawn was the worst area for water retention, which caused hydrostatic pressure along the west foundation wall of the building. 

With the proposed patio on the west side, the District will not only add an amazing amenity for the community to enjoy, but improve the foundation to a Nationally Historic Building and preserve it for decades to come. 

The District worked closely with Woodhouse Tinucci Architects to develop the following conceptual plan, which was approved by the Park District Board. 

KAH_exterior view

An overall site plan can be viewed here:

KAH_site plan_presentation

At this time, the District is looking to raise private donations to help complete this amazing project. If you are interested in learning more about this project or becoming a donor, please reach out to Executive Director John Kiwala at