Little Springs - 3 Year Old - Extended Day

Time: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm
Date: Mon, June 15, 2020 - Fri, July 24, 2020
Ages: 3 Years as of September 2020

Before registering, please complete the online form.
Complete the Camp Form

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This Registration is for 3 Year Old Extended Day Campers

09:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Please complete this application based on the age of your child as of September 2020. Camper MUST be potty trained before camp begins. Campers are NOT to be sent to camp in diapers. If they are in diapers, they will not be able to attend our Summer Camp.

Thank you for choosing to spend your summer days with the Kenilworth Park District! We provide a nurturing and stimulating camp experience that your children will look forward to each day. Our camp counselors and professional staff approach every activity as an important step in the development of your children. 

The Kenilworth Park District Little Springs Camp is designed to:

  • Improve the physical fitness and general well-being 
  • Teach new skills in a recreational atmosphere
  • Provide an environment where socialization and creativity are encouraged
  • Create a sense of achievement and individual worth in each camper with positive reinforcement

Helpful reminders to keep in mind every day:

  1. We must account for all of our campers. Campers must be signed in and out each day. Little Springs campers will NOT be released to anyone that is not included in this registration form. This may seem inconvenient, but it is for the safety of your child. 
  2. Campers must be picked up ON TIME each day. Please respect this guideline as many counselors and staff members have afternoon commitments.
  3. Please do NOT send your child to camp with toys or electronic devices. The Park District is NOT responsible for lost or stolen personal items. 
  4. Please send a snack and a clearly labeled water bottle for your child daily. If they will be staying for the extended day option, please don’t forget to pack a lunch! We do NOT provide food for the campers during the summer. 
  5. Don’t forget sunscreen! Please bring extra sunscreen for your child!
Doors open at 8:50AM each day. Should you have any questions, please contact the Kenilworth Park District at 847-251-1691 or email

What to Wear to Camp

Please apply sunscreen at home before camp starts!
On water days, please send your child to camp with a bathing suit and towel. Please label all items with your child’s name. Send them with a bottle of sunscreen to re-apply! Staff is not responsible for your child not bringing sunscreen. Spray on sunscreen is best.  
Children MUST arrive in closed toe shoes, preferably sneakers. This helps to prevent injuries. 

What NOT to Bring

Please do not allow your child to bring toys or any items of monetary or sentimental value to camp. This includes electronics, trading cards, and water guns. The Kenilworth Park District is NOT responsible for loss, theft, or breakage of such items. 

Late Fees

Parents who arrive late to pick up their children will be assessed a late fee of $10.00 for the first 15 minutes and an additional $1.00 for every minute thereafter. Late fees can be paid at the Kenilworth Park District Main Office at 410 Kenilworth Ave. Cash or checks made payable to the Kenilworth Park District are acceptable forms of payment. 

Kenilworth Park District Refund Policy

If you have any questions regarding refunds, please call the Kenilworth Park District Main Office at 847-251-1691.

The Kenilworth Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine classes, or change instructors. Insufficient enrollment may cause a class/program or event to be cancelled. If this happens, registrants will be notified and given a full refund.

  • Withdrawals 5 days prior to the start date of the program/event will receive a full refund.
  • Withdrawals less than 5 days prior to the start date of the program/event will receive a refund less a 20% fee.
  • Withdrawals requested for a class/program or event after it has begun will only be given in the event of an illness, injury, or relocation.
  • Refund requests due to relocation must provide documentation as proof of imminent relocation.
  • Refund requests due to illness or injury must provide Doctors documentation. Refunds will be prorated based on the date the medical documentation is received.
  • The Kenilworth Park District will not issue refunds for classes that are canceled due to inclement weather, or other circumstances beyond the District’s control.
The Kenilworth Park District does not pro-rate camp fees for any reason. The Kenilworth Park District hires staff, purchase materials, and makes certain accommodations off of the total number of registrants for the camp. For that reason, the Kenilworth Park District will not pro-rate  any camp fee for any reason. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Inclement Weather

During times of inclement weather, counselors and professional staff will move camp activities indoors to the safety of Joseph Sears School. On days that there is inclement weather, we ask that parents please park and walk inside to drop off or pick up their children. 

Late Registration Starts May 29th!

Early Release

Campers will only be released to their parent/guardian/emergency contact. Campers will NOT be released to a person who is not included in this application for ANY reason. The Kenilworth Park District holds the safety of children as its number one priority. In the event that a participant should need to leave earlier than their scheduled time, the participant MUST be signed out by a Park District Staff Member for safety. 

Kenilworth Park District Photography/Video Policy

Kenilworth Park District staff and contractors occasionally take photographs and videotapes of our programs for publicity purposes. By enrolling in a public program of, by or through the Park District, you give consent for such photos and videos of both participants and spectators.  Please be aware that these photos may be used in program guides, brochures, news releases, the District’s website, social media or other promotions.  If you do not wish to have an image of your participant or associated spectators used in such a way, please let the head of the particular program know and we will do our best to accommodate your request (but we cannot guarantee 100% non-usage)

Optional Summer Camp Form

Please complete all sections and fields that apply.

Does your child have severe allergies?

Family Physician


Does your child/ward have any physical, psychological or medical conditions which you feel the Kenilworth Park District should be aware of ahead of time?

Does your child require any medication?


Please complete this form for all medication(s) your child will be taking as needed at camp. This form must be completed only if he/she is taking medication. Please read the following information related to the “Medication Policy” at the Kenilworth Park District Summer Camp. By completing this form you acknowledge that you understand the Kenilworth Park District Summer Camp medication policy and that all information is correct. Medication will not be dispensed for any camper without a completed “Permission to Dispense Medication” form.
All medications (over the counter and/or prescription) must be submitted prior to camp participation for any camp participant. All medication must be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER with the campers name printed on the bottle. Zip-Lock bags, pillboxes, non-original medicine bottles, or any other type of container besides the original will not be accepted. The dosage instructions listed on the bottle must be followed unless there is a written note from the physician of the camp participant.

When/Time of Day

List all medications along with any special instructions.
As NeededBreakfastLunch
  Add/remove a medication:

Waiver and Release of Claims

I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury in connection with the administering of medication to my minor child. Such risks include, but are not limited to, failing to properly administer the medication, failing to observe side effects, failing to assess and/or recognize an adverse reaction, failing to assess and/or recognize a medical emergency, and failing to recognize the need to summon emergency medical services.
In consideration of the Kenilworth Park District administering medication to my minor child, I do hereby fully release or discharge the Kenilworth Park District, and its officer, agents, volunteers and employees from any and all claims from injuries, damages and losses I or my minor child may have (or accrue to me or my minor child), and arising out of, connected with, incidental to, or in any way associated with the administering of medication.
I have read the waiver and release of all claims. In the event of an emergency and that a parent or designated responsible adult cannot be reached, I authorize the Kenilworth Park District to send my child (properly accompanied) to the nearest hospital facility for emergency medical treatment.
Optional: Does your child/ward have any physical, psychological, or medical conditions which you feel the Kenilworth Park District should be aware of prior to the start of camp?
If Yes, please provide additional details:

Which Kenilworth Park District Summer Camp will your child attend?
Sports PlusLittle Springs

Authorized Pickup

Person(s) authorized to pick up child
Add/Remove a transportation contact:

How will your child get to/from camp each day?

If your child is walking and/or biking from camp, does he/she have permission to:
Walk home alone: YesNoNot Applicable
Bike home alone: YesNoNot Applicable


I authorize my child/ward to walk/bike home or be picked up upon the end of camp per the information I have provided in this form.
I agree to all stated above
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