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Kenilworth Park District

Mission, Strategic Objectives and Guiding Principles Proposed

Kenilworth Park District

Community, Enrichment, Fun


The Kenilworth Park District preserves and enhances our parks and facilities and provides recreational opportunities, and events that cultivate a stronger community.

Guiding Principles

Preserve and Enhance – The Park District embraces its unwavering responsibility to preserve and enhance our beautiful parks and historically significant facilities to benefit current and future generations.

Inclusion – The Park District offers a variety of programs and activities to residents of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the Park District partners closely with the North Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA) to offer meaningful programs for people with disabilities.

Community Health and Wellness – Health and wellness are central to all park District programs and activities, thereby promoting lifelong wellbeing, community, enrichment, and fun.

Fiscal Responsibility – The Park District employs financial best practices in its day-to-day operations and endeavors to collaborate with the Village, Sears School, and community groups to maximize value and benefit to Kenilworth and its residents.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Ensure Kenilworth parks and grounds are maintained at the highest standards.
  2. Build community for Kenilworth residents through diverse programming and sensible use of the Kenilworth Assembly Hall and other Park District facilities.
  3. Provide additional youth and community enrichment programming and supporting facilities within the Townley Field corridor, through active collaboration with the Village of Kenilworth and Joseph Sears School.
  4. Ensure the Park District provides Kenilworth and its residents meaningful value by setting and achieving clearly defined operating and financial goals.
  5. Promote continuous improvement in Park District offerings through ongoing communication with its peer districts and residents.
  6. Promote collaborative relationships with Kenilworth civic and community organizations to maximize value and benefit to Kenilworth and its residents.