Village House Rental

The Kenilworth Village House is available to the public for rental through the Kenilworth Park Board who reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission for use by any group. Kenilworth civic groups and Kenilworth residents are charged $50 for the use of the Village House; however, non-residents are charged $100. Political or religious meetings by residents or non-residents can only be held with the special permission of the Kenilworth Park Board. Meetings or parties of minors must be chaperoned by an adult who will be held responsible for the safety and conduct of the group. A ratio of 1 adult to 10 children is required before meetings or parties will be permitted.

All reservations for the use of the Village House must be made through the Kenilworth Park District Office at 410 Kenilworth Ave. Kenilworth, IL 60043.. A signed permit will be issued upon rental payment for a given date. This permit must be presented to the police to obtain the key to the building. No refunds or changes allowed beyond a 24-hour period after the fee is paid. Reservations are limited to 5 consecutive hours.

Village House Rental Request Form

Weekend Rentals

The Kenilworth Park District does not retain staff for weekends. Weekend use is subject to availability and scheduling. 

Things to Remember

When using the Village House, there are a few considerations to bear in mind:

  • The Kenilworth Girl Scouts will have exclusive use of the main storage area. Also this group will be given first choice of two afternoon dates per week providing a schedule is submitted six months in advance.
  • The building closes sharply at 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday at midnight. Permission for later hours may be requested of the Park Board.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on park district property.
  • Under no circumstances will ice skates be allowed in the Village House. The skating house provides adequate use for all skaters and their skates.
  • Fire Department regulations limit the capacity of the Village House to 155 persons standing or 100 persons sitting.


The following is a checklist of things to do before, during and after the event:

  • Pick up the key from the Kenilworth Police shortly before your rental time. The person signing for the key must agree to all rules and regulations.
  • Do minor cleaning and straightening of all areas used, including kitchen equipment.
  • Ensure everyone is out of the building at closing time.
  • Check and control fire in fireplace. Before leaving, screen must be in place.
  • Turn out lights. Secure door locks. Return key to police.
  • The individual or group renting the Village House will be responsible for any damage to the building and equipment. You will be billed for any damage or extra cleaning beyond what is considered normal wear.

Village House Rental Request Form