Civic Banner Display Requests

All civic banners will be installed in North Park at the northwest corner of Green Bay Road and Kenilworth Avenue. No more than one (1) civic banner per request will be approved. Authorized community groups are permitted to place one (1) civic banner at the approved location for a two (2) week duration. There is a limit of two (2) weeks per month for civic banner displays.
Civic banners for placement at the approved location are considered on a first come first serve basis. Should scheduling conflicts occur, the final selection will be made at the discretion of the Kenilworth Park District.

Once Park District approval is given, all civic banners must be delivered to 410 Kenilworth Ave. by 4:30PM on the Friday prior to installation. Signs will be installed on the following Monday morning.

All civic banners must be picked up by the community group at 410 Kenilworth Ave. within seven (7) days after the banner has been removed. Storage of banners will not be provided. If banners have not been picked up within the set timeframe, they will be discarded.

Authorized Community Groups

  • Non-profit
  • Based in the Village of Kenilworth
  • Activity/event must benefit and be of interest to Kenilworth Residents.

Activity/Event Banners

  • All promotional banner signage must meet the following criteria:

    Maximum of 24 square feet.

  • Cannot exceed 10 feet in length.
  • Banner can be displayed for 14 days prior to an event.Banner cannot be secured to trees.
  • Banner cannot be illuminated.

Banner requests will be denied if:

  • They do not meet the provided criteria.
  • The banner display subject conflicts with the Kenilworth Park District in any way.
  • The banner is advertising for a business located outside of Kenilworth.

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